EMV Stress Tester

The EMV Stress Tester (EST) is a service designed to exercise the issuers and acquirers processing systems to determine if they are constructing, parsing and processing EMV transactions to gain the benefit from the additional risk management capabilities provided by EMV chip transactions.


EMV Stress Testing

  • Objective

  • To maintain the payment system integrity or better still, improve it.

  • Realities

  • Constraints of infrastructure and legacy systems.

  • Logic

  • If you don’t know you can’t fix it …If you don’t fix it, it’s better to know.

  • How can we help

  • Easy to use tool to stress the …issuer’s authorization system .

EST Issuer (ESTI)

  • The EST Issuer sends EMV chip messages to the issuers test authorization system emulating EMV chip messages from POS and ATM. Parameters within the messages are set to exercise the authorization system by pushing boundaries and setting abnormal conditions to determine if the authorization system is inspecting and managing the appropriate elements.

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EST Acquirer Backend (ESTA-B)

  • The EST Acquirer Backend receives EMV chip messages coming out of the acquirer to check if the EMV messages have been coded correctly and the appropriate EMV data elements have been set for the device type and message set.

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EST Acquirer Frontend (ESTA-F)

  • The EST Acquirer Frontend emulates EMV chip messages from EMV devices to the acquirer exercising the acquirers parsing and integrity checking of EMV message content. Parameters within the messages are set to exercise the acquirers system by setting unusual EMV conditions, sending format errors, and challenging message integrity.

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