Mobile Applications

APS Offers a number of pre-built applications to perform a variety of functions these include mobile value transfers, remittance, transaction history/statements, special offer delivery and mobile payment collection.

APS Mobile Money

This application is intended for use with virtual cash schemes or backend systems that hold some form of value, currency or points.

The following functionality can be provide by this application in correspondence with the APS Mobile Host Service.

  • Account / Fund Transfers
  • Funds Remittance
  • Account / Transaction History
  • Special Offer Delivery

APS On The Go

If there is a need to accept payments while On The Go such as for delivered good, this application will streamline the payment capture. In combination with the APS Mobile Host Service optional email or SMS receipts can be sent directly to the consumer.

APS Virtual Card

With increasing online payment fraud and merchant system compromises against credit cards we provide a different approach for issuers. The APS Virtual Card system can be employed to help cut this problem by providing one time virtual card numbers to consumers for specific purchases.