About Us

APS can offer you a range of services that can be tailored to your needs to support your projects.

Helping you realize your business objectives

For all your chip card projects, whether it is EMV migration, implementation of a contactless or mobile payment service, or implementing a value added transport application, APS can help you define and quantify your business objectives realistically, and then help you effectively implement the systems and support infrastructure required.

We are a small group of chip card specialists with typically 15-25 years experience each in the chip card industry. We have a range of chip card expertise covering business, strategy, technology, risk management/security, and new product development.

We come from a variety of backgrounds including chip card, POS terminal and switch vendors, multinational banks and payment card associations and have extensive experience in both the global market and throughout the Asia Pacific region.

But most importantly we have gone through the pain before, and survived! We have hands-on practical implementation experience of EMV migration, stored value card systems, loyalty programs, personalization, multi application platforms, contactless cards, and mobile devices. And because we are not aligned with any particular vendor, bank or card association, you will receive independent unbiased advise.

Providing you real Benefits

Maximize your revenue opportunities

We can help you optimize your chip card business case through carefully exploiting the benefits that chip card technology provides, and identify new business opportunities to generate new revenue streams.

Minimize your implementation and operating costs

Implementing chip card projects can easily cost millions of dollars. Through smart planning and effective implementation, we can help you save significant cost in the implementation and ongoing operations.

Deliver quality products and services

APS consists of top class professionals with a great track record and can ensure that you provide quality chip based products and services to your cardholders whilst minimizing your project or product risk.

Provide you with competitive advantage

In the continuously evolving payments business today, it is essential to differentiate yourself from your competitors. With your understanding of your business and market opportunities and our expertise in chip cards, we can together develop unique competitive products and services to give you the edge.

Accelerate your speed to market

Projects such as EMV migration can typically take 12-18 months. For large scale projects like this, skilful planning is essential. We can help you plan your chip card project carefully and ensure it is implemented effectively and effeciently so you can realize your projects benefits sooner.

Give you resource flexibility

Due to the practical chip card experience of our consultants, we can add value from day one. We can complement your own resources without the pain of recruiting efforts and time lag, and once your staff are trained, you are ready to sail away on your own.